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Welcome to Spruce Up Decorating!

With this post we want to explain why choosing Spruce Up is a great choice for all your decorating needs in Christchurch. Our expertise is in sprucing up earthquake damaged properties, but we can help anyone in need of a spruce up!

The reason we specialise in earthquake damaged properties is that even though It's been a long time since the 2011 earthquakes we still have a lot of customers who need work done on their property. Some of them are selling their property and want it to look as nice as possible for potential new buyers. Others just want a new look, or they are sick of looking at the cracks in the bedroom plaster. This is where we come in!

Our director Chris is very experienced in advising you on all available options, from a minor spruce up to a complete re-clad. What ever suits your needs and budget.

Ones there is a plan we have an experience team who comes in and does all the work with great attention to detail.

We have the Master Painters trust and guarantee behind us and on top of that we are part of Eco Decorator. The later focusses on best sustainable practices, to make sure we preserve nature and everyones health.

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